Feb 4: Perspective on Egypt uprising

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On Al Jazeera English , this morning, Feb 4: Joint Chief of Staff Mike Mullen said that the “US military is ready depending on “how contagious” the situation is in Egypt. If  the people rising up to directly confront a dictatorship and demand freedom is contagious then I say bring it on! I think, as Canadians, we need to take a closer look at what governments are supported by our own and other western leaders. The ongoing chant from leaders is for stability, the ongoing chant from people in Egypt and around the world is freedom: freedom to choose for themselves how to manage their economy and political system. Stability is just a fancy word for authoritarianism, militarism, and the continued repression of the will of people everywhere. In this country we got a taste of how governments will deal with any uprising for justice during the G20 rally. Not only were the rights of journalists and citizens violated during the rally, but in the aftermath activists were rounded up and jailed on trumped up charges. The fallout continues from that. The G20 rights violations in Toronto and the uprising in Egypt have exposed the interconnection of economic collapse, globalization, militarization, and authoritarianism around the world and how the elites will rally around each other to maintain a corrupt global economic system.

The suppression of the Palestinian people and US military assistance to Israel and Egypt are indicators of how corrupt the global system we live in is.  So the struggle is not just in Egypt it is here in Canada and the US. In the US, there have recently been FBI roundups of organizers working to end US military aid to Israel and to work in solidarity with Palestinians. Maureen Clare Murphy is Managing Editor of The Electronic Intifada and an organizer with the Palestine Solidarity Group-Chicago. As well, she was “. . . one of 23 individuals who have been recently subpoenaed by the FBI and who face a federal grand jury because of [their] work to end US military aid to Israel, and because [they]organize in solidarity with the people of Palestine.” We’ll talk to her about the repression in her country and what that means for us in a time when working class global solidarity is critical.

Mohammed Hagag and Mohammed Nour were in the studio with personal reflections on what is happening in Egypt.

Photo: Nusrat Rahman

On Saturday a rally in support of the Egyptian protesters was held at City Hall in Windsor.  Here are a few photos:






Articles on the Egyptian uprising I found useful are by Juan Cole , Samir Amin , and Slavoj Žižek