May 18: Abby Deshman on the review of police conduct during the 2010 G20; Tim McSorley on Bill 78 and the Quebec student strike

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It’s never what should I cover on Friday, rather, it’s how to choose from all that’s going on that’s the big “problem” – there was the NATO summit in Chicago with thousands of activists at the summit, there is the report out on the police during the 2010 G20 that is pretty scathing, and the student strike in Quebec is certainly heating up further as the Charest government moves to make illegal the right to assemble, proving once again that the state will always use violence in any form when it can’t break rightful protests in other ways.  In the first half hour Abby Deshman, Public Safety Director with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, was on the line from Toronto  to speak on the long awaited report on policing during the G-20 summit. In the second half hour, we heard from Montreal Media Coop editor Tim McSorley on the Quebec student strike and how the Charest government is  moving to criminalize  the movement with bans on assembly and fines in the tens of thousands of dollars.

In this clip Abby Deshman outlines the role of the CCLA during the G20 and the push to have a full review:

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Here Deshman discusses the need for accountability along with transparency and what can be expected out of this report. As well, she warns against conflating the terms terrorist and protester and that the hearings to come may not be sufficiently independent:

Click image to view report on G20 policing. (Photo: Jonas Naimark, The Globe and Mail: police kettling operation, June 27, 2012, Toronto)


Quebec’s Bill 78 is titled  “the Act to enable students to receive instruction from the post-secondary institutions they attend.” According to a CBC report, the bill “lays out strict regulations governing student protests and contains provisions for stiff fines. Fines range from $7,000 to $35,000 for a student leader and between $25,000 and $125,000 for unions or student federations if someone is prevented from entering an educational institution. Bill 78 also lays out strict regulations governing student protests. Any group of 10 persons or more to give at least eight hours notice to police for any demonstration. Tim McSorley gave us an update on what was happening with the Quebec student’s strike:

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Aug 19: Valerie Kaussen and Haiti reconstruction; Noa Mendelsohn Aviv and Bill C4 and refugees to Canada

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Valerie Kaussen @ 6:38

Noa Mendelsohn Aviv @ 40:43

In the first half hour we talked to Professor Valerie Kaussen (6:38)on reconstruction efforts in Haiti. She teaches Francophone Caribbean literature and culture at the University of Missouri-Columbia and has traveled to Haiti. Kaussen spoke about her experiences in Haiti on the three to four trips  she undertook there. She described the cluster system of camps that have occurred as a result of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management system and she also pointed out how Haitians have been affected by the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). This interview was spurred by an article I read by Kaussen in the Feb. 2011 issue of the Monthly Review.

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To find out more about Canada and Haiti check out Canada Haiti Action Network


In the second half hour Noa Mendelsohn Aviv (40:43) of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association described that organization’s opposition to Bill C-4, which the Harper government claims will prevent human smuggling. Instead the bill seems more an attempt to demonize those who are fleeing war, persecution, hunger and so on and, who seek safe haven here.

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Related Youtube video on opposition to Bill C-4

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