2014 CJAM Pledge Drive On The ShakeUp

It’s pledge drive at CJAM this fall and it’s an important time for the station as a good portion of operating costs come from this pledge drive.

More information follows and as you scroll down you’ll come across links to ShakeUp programs that ran over the last weeks and months…

About Pledge Drive:
CJAM is a non-profit campus-based community radio station. We are limited in our capacity to raise money via advertising and rely heavily on listener supported dollars. Radio is a capital-intensive business and we still need the annual funding drive to help pay for everyday items, equipment and operations.
Much of CJAM’s budget comes from the annual fees that are paid for by the University of Windsor’s students. Despite inflation CJAM has not had an increase in these fees for nearly two decades.

Carlo Fanelli: The Neoliberal City

ON-AIR Pledge Drive Dates: Friday, October 31 (noon) through Friday, November 7. (noon) – 24 hours daily.
• Purpose: To raise money for CJAM 99.1 FM annual budget. The Drive also represents an opportunity for the non-University listening audience to do their part in supporting community radio in Windsor/Detroit.
• Goal: To raise $30,000 in order to maintain CJAM’s daily operations

Kate McInturff on why more women don’t run for office


Donating 20$ allows donors to go into the music CD store at CJAM and pick out a music prize from our room of music incentives. Alternatively, hosts can create music giveaways for listeners.
$50 INCENTIVE – T-shirt
Limited edition CJAM 2012 T-Shirts, screen printed on a black American Apparel track shirt for a $50 pledge. T-shirt design is by Greg Maxwell.
$100 incentive – Gift package + t-shirt
The Gift packages will feature different items and gift certificates from local businesses and organizations, plus a limited edition t-shirt.

Live Broadcast: Downtown Windsor: Whose downtown is it?

Live broadcast participants

– CJAM is looking to raise $30,000, 20% of our annual budget.
– CJAM needs these funds for equipment, tariffs, insurance, staff salary, and other necessities that allow CJAM to operate day-to-day.
– CJAM has one of the smallest staffs in the Canadian campus-community market.
– The majority of the work is done by over 150 dedicated volunteers
– CJAM is not for profit, grassroots media
– CJAM is a not-for-profit radio station, so you are not bombarded with ads. Satellite radio has a subscription, but CJAM is free.
– Pledge Drive is the one time of the year where we ask for your support and help.
– CJAM’s music covers all genres and languages: local, international, independent, etc,.
– CJAM’s spoken word covers issues and topics ignored by mainstream media: labour issues, media criticism, feminism, local politics from all perspectives,
– On CJAM you can hear programming in Portuguese, Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, Arabic, English, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Croatian, Slovakian, and Ukrainian. Plus you’d be hard-pressed to find a language not featured in our music.

“Making a Way Out of No Way”: Detroit’s Rich Feldman and the New Work New Culture movement


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