Oct 25, 2013: Mike Spencer and struggles on WSIB

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Click Image for more info on OPIRG Windsor

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Ever been injured at work? Think if you are you’ll be looked after and made whole? Many injured workers in Ontario are living another reality after being injured and then entering the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board – WSIB – system.

According to a website for Ontario injured workers, the “compensation system is meant to protect workers, their families, and the broader public against both the harm and the costs of work-related injuries. This system was created to provide injured workers with prompt and secure benefits that compensate them for as long as they are disabled. Workers’ compensation is supposed to be no-fault, prompt, and non-adversarial. Perhaps most importantly, the workers’ compensation system was designed to ensure that employers collectively pay the costs of workplace injuries, instead of foisting those costs on injured workers, their families, and the rest of us.

If unchecked, recent initiatives by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, will spell the end of workers’ compensation as we have known it. The Board’s management, with the full support of the provincial government, have instituted changes that will limit workers’ entitlement to benefits to a short period after the injury. Instead of a system that compensates workers for injuries, we will be left with system where most workers’ claims are denied and the few workers whose claims are accepted will be forced either back to work or into poverty.”

With me was local activist Mike Spence, himself an injured worker, and we had a discussion on the reality of life for injured workers in the WSIB system: