March 29, 2013: Andrea Landry & Jode Kechego on Idle No More; Rockin Robbee on guitar

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Listen to entire program here:

On Thursday, March 28th an Idle No More teach-in was held in Moot Court in the law faculty at the University of Windsor. On Friday’s program I welcomed two of the panelists, Andrea Landry, First Nations activist and a key organizer of various Idle No More actions and an MA student here at UWindsor in the Social Justice  Communication program, and Jode Kechego who is a senior policy analyst advisor at Anishinabek Nation. AND as always on the last Friday of the month Rockin Robbee was on in the second half hour as well.

 Idle No More may have moved along on the conveyer belt of the news cycle; however, the issues, the people, and the movement have not disappeared.  About 80 people attended the teach-in:

Jode Kechego outlined the history of treaties and made a  key point that treaties gave Canada rights to the land from First Nations and that First Nations people have inherent rights.

Andrea spoke on her involvement with the movement as a key organizer and how she grew to learn from her elders about the injustices and dysfunctions in her community wrought by colonialism and the destruction of culture her communities faced.

Tara Williamson spoke primarily on the media and INM and the importance and influence of social media in its speed and accessibility.

And Lorraine Land spoke on the how legislation passed in the omnibus bills should concern non-indigenous people because of the harm that will ensue from the gutting of environmental regulations and the blatantly undemocratic process by which the bills were created and passed. (no consultation, buried in a budget bill).

Jode Kechego and Andrea Landry at the CJAM studio
Jode Kechego and Andrea Landry at the CJAM studio

We started off talking about the teach-in, how it come about and what was it like to collaborate with the each other, and on to Landry’s own personal journey to discover her culture, the spiritual element of Idle No More, de-colonization, and social media:

In this segment my guests discussed the impact of rampant economic development. How much is enough and what of the concept of balance between what we need vs what we want?: 


Rockin Robbee was in the studio for another last Friday of the month gig

Robbee during a Feb 24th on-air performance
Robbee during a Feb 24th on-air performance

You Got to be Carefully Taught:

Eddie Vedder’s Society


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