March 1 2013: CAW’s Local 444 president Dino Chiodo & labour issues

Click image for more on OPIRG Windsor
Click image for more on OPIRG Windsor

Host disclaimer: I am a former union activist when I was working for a wage, and today I sit as a member at large on the labour council that Dino is president of and also I am president of the Windsor Workers’ Action Centre which receives some funding from CAW Local 444

Listen to entire program here:

In the studio was CAW Local 444 and Windsor & District Labour Council president Dino Chiodo and he was in to have a conversation about the coming attack on a key union provision through a private member’s bill in Parliament very soon: the Rand Formula.

Briefly the Rand formula was a key factor in creating labour peace after the 1945 strike Ford strike in Windsor, and enabled unions to collect dues from all members of a workplace thereby creating equality in representation and giving unions financial stability and a solid structure with which to process grievances and organize workers.

Dino Chiodo in the CJAM studio
Dino Chiodo in the CJAM studio

Without it, the ability of unions to function will be severely compromised. The provincial Conservative labour critic, MPP Randy Hillier, is pushing from the provincial end to make union membership voluntary as well so it’s important to remember that federal and provincial labour codes are under attack from more than one front so to speak.

Here Chiodo speaks about the formation of  unions, and the challenges facing workers and their union representatives:

Conservative MPP Randy Hillier, in a letter to the Windsor Star, stated that he “… tabled a bill which formed the basis of our proposal. The bill would have allowed workers to opt out of a bargaining unit, its union and its collective bargaining agreement altogether. Workers would then bargain directly with their employer like the other 70 per cent of Ontario workers already do; they would be entirely independent of the union and its bargaining agreement. The proposal would be consistent with the intent behind the Rand Formula and would not change the way free riders are handled.” Chiodo responds: 

Caller sample – taking apart unions will hurt non-union workers as well:

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Click image for more on this Windsor band
Click image for more on this Windsor band

Sample track played on air: See It My Way:

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