Feb. 22, 2013: Melissa and Brian Austin & We Are Wisconsin

Click image for more on OPIRG Windsor
Click image for more on OPIRG Windsor

Listen to entire program here:

Wisconsin activists Melissa and Brian Austin were in Windsor on Saturday, February 16th to talk about their involvement with the Wisconsin Uprising 2 years ago and the documentary film “We Are Wisconsin”. The film was screened that Saturday at the CAW Local 200/444 hall and Brian and Melissa were on hand from their home in Madison, Wisconsin to talk about their experience with the occupation of the state capitol building as well as their involvement with the film and subsequent activism.

What’s remarkable is that Brian Austin is a Madison police officer and a member of Cops4Labor who spent some nights at the state capitol as a protestor and days spent as a police officer – so a pretty remarkable departure from the usual image of the police on the other side of a protest line…

Melissa and Brian Austin Feb 22, 2013 (Photo: Paul Chislett)
Melissa and Brian Austin Feb 16, 2013 (Photo: Paul Chislett)

 The film blurb states that “When a Republican Governor’s bill threatens to wipe away worker rights and lock out public debate, six (extra)ordinary citizens join the growing protest at the Wisconsin State Capitol, and spend the next twenty-six days building a movement that not only challenges the bill, but the soul of a nation.” It truly is a moving record of what the people of Wisconsin did when their rights were being stripped away and I urge you to see it.

 On the program I had a couple of segments to share: first I sat and talked with the Austins about their experiences and I think you’ll come away agreeing that they are two very articulate spokespersons in the fight for democracy and justice: 

In the second half hour I have Brian speaking after the film screening on how things are now two years later, especially the aftermath of the recall effort and continuing organizing in the state:

The Austins delivered a warning as we in Ontario face a coming assault on the rights of workers to form unions (an impending private members bill in Parliament to take apart the Rand formula, and in Ontario the continuation by the liberals of weak labour laws, or in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker or Michigan Gov. Snyder style by Tim Hudak if he is elected.


Rockin Robbee was also in on this last Friday of the month program and he played a couple of tunes starting with Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World:

Robbee covered Seeds and Stems Again Blues:

An original composition by Robbee: For All We Know:

Featured CD

Click image for more on this Detroit connected band
Click image for more on this Detroit connected band

Sample track played on air: These Stones Will Shout:

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