Dec. 21, 2012: Jode Kechego on Idle No More in Ottawa; Rayven Howard live in studio; CodePink’s Tighe Barry protests at NRA “press conference”

Click image for more on OPIRG Windsor
Click image for more on OPIRG Windsor
This book was influential for me and is a good place to start in understanding why Idle no More is gaining steam
This book was influential for me and is a good place to start in understanding why Idle no More is gaining steam

Listen to entire program here:

Local photographer Doug MacLellan was in the studio and took some shots that you can see HERE

Idle no more

Today there is a swirl of news, from the Friday NRA news conference announcing that organization’s call for armed police in all schools to prevent another shooting tragedy, to the growing strength of the Idle No More movement and the hunger strike by Chief Theresa Spence, to the simmering problems in this city and province around joblessness, poverty and the growing gap between rich and poor.

As the last echoes of the Occupy movement rippled away, the ruling class quickly moved to regain control of the agenda and soon the drum beat of austerity, Austerity, AUSTERITY! began to take the place of demands for equality and real democracy.

It seems the masses were a little too ready to take to the streets in 2011, and ‘austerity’, or the move to solidify the global corporate stranglehold on the Earth’s resources and people, was tightened using war, extra-judicial killings by drones and special forces in the U.S., and legislative abuses in Canada to kill the power of labour, enact racist bills against immigrants and migrant workers, and  end social programs have become the order of the day.

 Where the Occupy movement failed to galvanize people, the Idle No More movement raises the hope that a coalition of First Nations people, working people, environmentalists, labour unions and political activists will be able to blunt the abuse of power the Harper and (in Ontario) McGuinty governments are responsible for; the former for omnibus bills like C-45 and anti-worker legislation, and the latter for pure dereliction of duty.

Harper’s abuse of process, while relatively recent for the majority of Canadians, is following the same colonialist foot path of the past which First Nations have been struggling against for centuries. Their fight is our fight, but non-First Nations people need to find our own rallying call and unite to help defeat the corporate agenda, of which the prime minister is key spokesperson for.

I spoke with Jode Kechego, author and policy analyst for Anishinabek Nation. He described the Idle No More rally in Ottawa on Friday, First Nations issues, and Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, which he described as the Chief’s fulfillment of her duty as a leader of her people rather than a tactic or strategy:


Rayven Howard CJAM Dec 21 2012Rayven Howard in the CJAM studio Dec 21 2012 (Photo: Paul Chislett)

Rayven marked the holiday season for The ShakeUp with her versions of classic holiday tunes The Little Drummer Boy and O Holy Night. She closed off with her original composition, The Game of Life


Earlier in the day on Friday I listened to part of the NRA response to the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Like many, I was sickened by the diatribe imposed by National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre in the so called press conference.

Click image for OpEdNews coverage of this action
Click image for OpEdNews coverage of this action

  However, at that press conference, CodePink, a “women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement” had activists who interrupted the press conference calling out that the NRA “had blood on its hands”.  Tighe Barry participated in the action with CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin and I spoke to him about his actions


I hope you enjoyed CJAM’s 3rd annual Joe Strummer Day on Saturday highlighting poverty and oppression. I was on a panel discussion hosted by Rose City Politics’ Kieran McKenzie with Adam Vasey and Jody Percy. You can hear that segment here:

Click image to find out more about Strummerville
Click image to find out more about Strummerville

Sample track: Gangsterville:

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