Oct. 26, 2012: Trish Hennessy and the Living Wage campaign; Rockin’ Robbee with comments on the Ward 3 meeting

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Listen to entire program here:

It was the last Friday of the month on the 26th and as usual Rockin’ Robbee came in to the studio to play a tune or two and he filled us in on the Ward 3 meeting he went to earlier that week. City Councillors have been announcing ward meetings where citizens can air their views. Last December on this program we discussed participatory budgeting as an example of how neighbourhood councils could really work to empower citizens rather than have meetings more resembling coming to the royal court for dispensation.

Click image to view the report: “Enhancing Democratic Citizenship, Deepening Distributive Justice”

 A couple of weeks ago you may remember I mentioned a Living Wage workshop I attended in Toronto hosted by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). A living wage, briefly put, is meant to actually raise people out of poverty rather than keep them there. The idea is to allow working people a decent wage for a decent life, enabling them to take part in civic affairs and participate in their communities more broadly, for instance being able to take the time to go to neighbourhood council meetings rather than cramming more hours in on a second job and then rush to take care of things at home. On the phone was Trish Hennessy, director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ income inequality project, which specializes in the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us.

Click image for the numbers on Minimum Wage vs Living Wage

In this segment Hennessy discusses the Living Wage Workshop and the concept of a living wage ranging through to how the living wage campaign is opening new lines of dialogue about the meaning of work in a just economy: 

Find the CCPA Living Wage Resources page HERE.


Featured Music:

Robert Mittag aka Rockin’ Robby blasted off “Just Like an Aborigine” in studio:

In this clip Robbee discusses his experience at the recent meeting for residents of Ward 3 with Councillor Fulvio Valentinis:

OPEN: Discussing Financial Precarity and Alternative Economies

 Featuring a panel discussion with Professor Jeff Noonan and members of Broken City Lab, with an art installation by Michael DiRisio.

 Questions such as what caused the global recession and how can we effect change will be asked in an open format, with an emphasis on collaborative thought and horizontal discussion. An exhibition of installation and video work by University of Windsor MFA candidate Michael DiRisio, who will be moderating, will provide a greater context for the talk.

 The event is free and open to the public, and there will be refreshments.

 Thursday Nov. 1, 7 p.m.

Mackenzie Hall, Main Gallery

3277 Sandwich Street, Windsor

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