Oct 19, 2012: Amin Rehman and “A IS FOR…”; Chris Crossroads with some banjo stylings and Occupy Windsor/Occupy Detroit reminisences.

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Listen to entire program here

On Friday we heard from artist Amin Rehman whose work opened that evening at the Artcite Gallery on University Ave at Pelissier next to the Capitol Theatre. According to his website, “… Rehman is a visual artist living in Toronto. He is an experimental painter whose work explores politicized cultural interactions, communal narratives, linguistic forces and aggressive globalization. Amin’s art practice comprises works on paper, canvas, and board, as well as wall-hung installations” His exhibit in Windsor is timely and on Artcite’s website his work is described as “text-based installations explor[ing] neo-colonialism and the way in which language is used to further political and militaristic goals, while questioning narratives of individual identity and culture. Alternating between oil/ encaustic (Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added) and digitally generated vinyl and neon signs, Rehman uses short, quixotic texts to evoke both current global realities and his own experience living in Pakistan and Canada.”

 So I say timely because since 9/11 the West has engaged in the so called war on terror but which others have described as a modern day crusade meant to impose political and economic terms on countries that are primarily Islamic. A backlash is developing that at its most horrific see the gunning down of a 14 year old girl in Pakistan – allegedly by the Taliban – who agitated for schools open to girls. Canada went to war in Afghanistan supposedly to help in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and instead got into a war that was declared necessary so we could bring democracy and freedom to that country – the problem of course is the Afghans never asked us to do that. This is colonialism and imperialism writ large. Nice going for a country that was at the forefront – however imperfect – of pluralism and as a broker between nations.

Amin Rehman and Paul Chislett at Artcite. Click on photo for more on the exhibit.

 Rehman’s work as an artist explores the intersection of culture and identity which I think means necessarily a dialogue on religion, nationality, globalism, economics and so on – a dialogue no one in power in the entire West wants to have. Here Rehman speaks on the exhibit: 

Also, this evening, there is a  panel discussion with Rehman in conjunction with Bookfest Windsor:

Thursday October 25, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Artcite
a panel discussion on the arts and poetics of the word as materiality featuring:

Dr. Karl E. Jirgens (Windsor ON)
Dennis Michael Jones (Plymouth MI USA)
Amin Rehman (Lahore, Pakistan & Toronto ON)

Panel Moderator: Susan Gold (Windsor ON)

The Panel from the left: Amin Rehman (Lahore, Pakistan & Toronto, On), Dennis Michael Jones (Plymouth, Michigan), Karl Jirgens (Windsor, On), and moderator Susan Gold-Smith (Windsor, On) (Photo: Paul Chislett)


Click image for more on this fantastic performer and great guy.

Chris was back and forth between Occupy Windsor and Occupy Detroit and looks back a bit on events last year:

Featured Music:

Chris Crossroads played a tune: Little Maggie:

Important Labour Council callout:

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