Oct. 5, 2012: Aaron Handelsman & the North End Woodward Community Coalition; local photojournalist Doug MacLellan & trip to Zimbabwe

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Listen to entire program here:

We had a great discussion with Aaron Handelsman, a Detroit resident and representative from the North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC) on community organizing in that city and the struggle over, literally I think, who owns Detroit. The State’s imposed  “consent agreement’  means the state of Michigan has all the power to decide what really happens, virtually stripping city council’s mandate to govern by those who elected it. Community groups like the Building Movement Project in Detroit and the North End Woodward Community Coalition have been involved in trying to get Community Advisory Councils off the ground, and those councils presumably at this point are seen as the most democratic means for the people who live in Detroit’s core to have real decision making power – a struggle is underway and has been for many years over who owns Detroit. 

In this clip Handelsman out lines the competing narratives of Detroit and the struggle to build people power:

Click image for Voice of Detroit article on NEWCC

In the studio for the second half hour of the program and on incredibly short notice was my friend and local photojournalist, Doug MacLellan.  He is embarking later this month to Zimbabwe, a country he has visited and documented several times in the past. He is traveling to expose a crisis at the Howard Hospital and in this clip he explains why:

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