Sept. 28, 2012: Robert Mittag (aka Rockin’ Robbee) live in the studio with music and commentary; Bernie Helling on Culture Days & events at Artcite

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Listen to entire program here:

Well, the last Friday of the month means a sort of less structured program and Robert Mittag, aka Rockin’ Robbee, came in to play a couple of songs and we bantered back and forth on his roots as a Detroit/Windsor musician and on city issues around poverty and making ends meet.

Robbee’s version of Rouge Plant Blues:

On the 12 string…

Robbee’s Detroit music roots:

In this segment Robbee and I speak about cuts to the Community Start-up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB), so crucial to those on social assistance:

Voices Against Poverty and allies spoke to “Dollton” McGuinty during a riverfront walk on Aug. 19th calling attention to cuts to CSUMB. It’s not too late to help – click on image for the Call in Coffee Break campaign. (Photo: Paul Chislett)
Mike Longmoore chats with “Dollton” McGuinty. (Photo: Paul Chislett)

Here is an impassioned plea for the continuance of CSUMB:

Click image for more info on Artcite’s exhibits

Artcite Artistic Coordinator Bernie Helling gives a run down on Culture Days, the present and coming exhibits at Artcite, and the importance of supporting local cultural production:


Featured CD:

Click image for more on this Detroit group

Sample track: Silence is a Shadow’s Dream:

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