Aug. 24, 2012: David Oloroso & Diara Lo: Occupy the Midwest in Detroit; Angela Demarse & Windsor’s climate change adaptation planning

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Listen to entire program here (The program is slightly truncated):

Occupy the Midwest was a major conference that  “originated with a call to action from Occupy St. Louis looking to host a regional Midwest conference in the early Spring of 2012. Many cities answered the call and the conference was a great success for activists and occupations to network and share ideas and knowledge. Occupy The Midwest continues to evolve in working toward its goal of multifaceted coordination across the Midwest to strengthen the Occupy movement. Occupy The Midwest is looking to hold 2 conferences a year on a 5/7 month cycle during April and September.” 

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I spoke with two organizers of the Detroit gathering: Detroiter Diara Lo and David Oloroso from Chicago, and here they describe their involvement with Occupy the Midwest, and their experiences with the occupy movement and what had transpired so far on Friday: 

In this clip Lo and Oloroso sum up with the  “message is our method”:


Windsor’s riverfront is a remarkable achievement (Photo: Paul Chislett)

On Friday, Aug 17 a public information session regarding the city’s climate adaptation plans was held out at the Ojibway Nature Centre and OPIRG Windsor board member Angela Demarse attended the meeting in her capacity on  the environment portfolio with OPIRG Windsor:

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