July 13, 2012: Ryan Herriot on healthcare for refugees in Canada; Richard Sanders on Canadian pension investments in war industries

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Listen to entire program here:

I had a couple of issues lined up Friday that certainly point to the drift in the country toward increasing injustice and militarization. Ryan Herriot was in the studio with me and we talked about the mobilization of medical students and professionals to protest the Harper regime’s cuts to healthcare for refugees in Canada. Ryan Heriott is a third year medical student here at UWindsor. He helped organize a local rally at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office on Walker Road a few weeks ago as part of a national protest against healthcare cuts to refugees in Canada.

In this clip, Herriot describes changes to the Interim Federal Health Program and how medical professionals and students mobilized:

As with any protest and rally it’s what happens next that can be a challenge and here Herriot outlines further plans to keep the pressure on  government ministers:

Related story of young man and former refugee kicked out of Conservative party BBQ where he tried to have Jason Kenny answer for cuts to healthcare for refugees is HERE

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From Ryan Herriot: Health care providers “… are encouraged  to use this tool to document any adverse health outcomes of the cuts.  The data is being collected at a national level and will be used to hold press conferences and call the media and public’s attention to these impacts.  It will also likely be used in a research project to be written up and submitted to peer-reviewed publications (thereby logging it as evidence).” 


Pensions are often in the news these days mostly as will you have one when you retire, or losing it before you do retire if you have one. They used to be considered sacrosanct so workers could retire in dignity. Increasingly, pensions are invested in the stock market and pension managers are charged with finding the highest returns. This is leading us down a slippery ethical slope because Canadian pensions are increasingly heavily invested in war industries. Here we’re talking about the CPP, QPP, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Public Sector Pension Investments and the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System: the Big Five. It’s ethics vs. profits and with us was Richard Sanders, coordinator of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) and editor of the related journal Press for Conversion. In the journal, information is detailed about pension investments in Israeli war industries and Sanders also reported in the recent issue of The Monitor, a publication of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, on investments of Canadian pension plans in the global arms industry.

Click image for Petition: Stop CPP investments supporting Israel’s military, police, prisons

In this clip Sanders outlines the extent of  pension investments in Israeli Apartheid and in the global arms industry:

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