June 1, 2012: Jack Gibbons Chair of Ontario Clean Air Alliance on power generation in Ontario; live report from teachers’ rally at MPP Theresa Piruzza’s office

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The May 26th issue of the Windsor Star featured an opinion piece by Chris Vander Doelen praising provincial Conservative opposition leader Tim Hudak’s 13 point plan for energy affordability in Ontario.  Among the points that stand out are:  Make clean nuclear power the backbone of Ontario’s power system again; Cancel the feed-in tariff, the FIT subsidy for solar and wind power; Give communities the power to say no to wind and solar projects, and put them out to competitive bidding; End all subsidies for electric cars and charging stations. It sounds like “Who killed the Electric car and China Syndrome all in one package. Jack Gibbons has been on the program in the past and has warned that the nuclear industry is a powerful lobby group likely behind much of the negative coverage of renewable energy. In my opinion, reading Mr Hudak’s plan, one could easily read that he is urging Ontario to go nuclear.

Jack Gibbons explained the realities of the current power generating system in Ontario and also what is really needed to make Ontario energy efficient:

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A rally took place in front of Liberal MPP Theresa Piruzza’s office on June 1 and was attended by everyone in the education sector, from maintenance workers to teachers and educational assistants along with allies in other unions. Brian Hogan is a Unit President with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association and he described the rally:

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