MayWorks 2012 and the politics of community engaged art: Alana Bartol, Collette Broeders, and Rita Haase

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Listen to entire program here:

L to R: Rita Hasse, Collette Broeders, Alana Bartol. Click image to see Mayworks 2012 info at Artcite. (Photo: Paul Chislett)

If there was a theme Friday it was around the current deadly serious political and economic structure which marginalizes people, seeks to protect the interests of a minority ruling class, and stifles the creativity of so many, especially young people, as they face mounting debt from tuition fees and bleak job prospects: particularly in Windsor/Detroit.

In the effort to remain hopeful and spirited the guests examined what we mean by community? How can we re-balance political and economic power? How can we keep hopeful, positive and spirited in the struggle for equality, justice and building community? In the studio to help explore these questions were Alana Bartol, artist and Cultural Animator at the Arts Council of Windsor & Region, Collette Broeders, a mixed media artist and Mayworks organizer based in Oldcastle, and Rita Haase, who teaches eco-feminism as well as science and environmental education here at the University of Windsor, and she is the founder of the Campus Community Gardening Project.

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In this clip Alana Bartol gives an overview of community engaged art and her work as a cultural animator with Arts Council of Windsor and Region as well as a description of the Artists in the Community/Workplace program:

Collette Broeders describes here making a living as an artist and the struggle to create and also her projects for Mayworks 2012 which includes an examination of  the lives of blue collar workers and the “remnants of workers’ journeys”:

Rita Haase explains her passion for campus community gardening and how it has helped students and property owners in the university area to come to better understand each other:

Community engaged art is capable of exposing the hypocrisy of power and in this clip Bartol gives an example on the local level:

The guests commented on their hopes for Windsor’s future:

The following are Mayworks exhibits featuring Friday’s guests on the program:

4 May – Reception for “OCCUPY THIS!”, the MayWorks Windsor 2012 exhibit, featuring the “Occupy Windsor Documentation
Project“ and the installation: “The Break Room“ – 7:30–10:30 pm at Artcite Inc., 109 University Ave. W.

5 May – “Hands To the Earth: A Diggin’ Event“- Join local gardeners and artists for an afternoon of gardening, creative projects and
healthy food. 12 noon–4 pm at the Campus Community Garden Project, 380 California. Rain date: Sunday, May 6, 12 noon–4 pm.

13 May – Inspect X exhibition reception for Collette Broeders’ “INDUSTRIAL PASSAGES: A Worker Dwells Here“.
1–3 pm at 5575 Roscon Industrial Drive, Oldcastle, (519) 737-2667.

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