March 23: Patricia Fell and Windsor Feminist Theatre; Marion Overholt and the social assistance review efforts of the province

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Technical assistance: Moses Frimpong

Listen to entire program here:

On Friday, Patricia Fell, Artistic Director of Windsor Feminist Theatre  was in the studio to talk about the theatre and the production of Riveter, which will debut May 10 during this year’s MayWorks 2012: A Celebration of Labour, Arts and Community. In the second half hour I spoke with Marion Overholt, staff lawyer with Legal Assistance Windsor and a community activist. Recently she presented a report to a social assistance review panel  (Income Security Advocacy Centre) and she gave some insight on what is shaping up to be mean times in the province if one relies on government income support, including Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Pension.

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“Windsor Feminist Theatre, a non-profit theatre company founded in 1980, is recognized as one of the nation’s first feminist theatre organizations and is among the oldest organizations of its kind in Canada. Throughout its existence, WFT has written, created, developed, produced and presented socially relevant and groundbreaking theatrical productions. With an aim towards the stimulation of inclusive and challenging discussions, WFT’s productions have consistently presented issues as they relate to the diversity of all women. WFT is also committed to provide theatre-related employment for local theatre artists and technicians through specialized community workshops and original productions.” The Windsor Feminist Theatre began as Woman of Windsor, a non-profit organization formed in 1978 by Pat Noonan.

In this clip Fell eloquently describes her life as a worker and artist and the state of the creative arts in general:
Fell read an excerpt from the play in which the character Judith describes the effort to get people involved in the war effort:

“RIVETER”, an original Canadian play examining women, war work, and propaganda, based on local history and proudly produced by Windsor Feminist Theatre.

May 10 and 11 at 8PM @ The Downtown Mission Theatre, 664 Victoria Ave.

Pay what you can, non-perishable food items welcome at the door.


This week will see both an Ontario budget and a federal budget released. The fallout from the recession still bodes ill for the working class while the wealthiest 1% rack up huge profits and war and threats of war abound. Marion Overholt, on behalf of the Legal Assistance of Windsor, presented a submission to the social assistance review panel mentioned above and in it she called for the need for income support and to bolster it. This includes repealing a clawback of Ontario Child Benefit and for the indexing of the minimum wage.
In this clip Overholt describes the circumstances around the review and the need – the increasingly desperate need – to have decision makers think in terms of adequacy instead of legislating poverty, in order to truly meet the needs of people:
Here, Overholt describes the social assistance regime as systemic injustice that fails to empower people:
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