Mar. 16: Ed Bianchi and Indigenous rights in Canada; local musician Rayven Howard in studio

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Technical Assistance: Moses Frimpong

Listen to entire program here:

Perhaps no other group of people have experienced  more injustice and marginalization than Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Recently, news from Attawapiskat (Blog post)  on the west shore of James Bay was a big media event for the exposure of the poverty there, and also provided another look into the mindset of the Harper government as he scapegoated those who spoke out against in justice. The news cycle has come and gone and one could think another issue has been solved and everyone has moved on. What the Attawapiskat news also did was to once again expose the dire need to provide equal and equitable funding for indigenous people and their communities. Also begging an answer is why can’t there be discussions on building a new relationship based on “dialogue, partnership, respect, and equality” (email) between Canada and First nations. On the phone from Ottawa was Ed Bianchi, Indigenous Rights Program Coordinator with Kairos Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives.

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KAIROS is a NGO that unites Canadian churches and religious organizations to “advocate for social change” [and]…  to reflect on issues of common concern in the public sphere. We discussed the current housing solutions, the Indian Act, the Truth and Reconciliation process, and the Harper government.


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Bianchi comments on the housing solution so far:

The Indian Act is an obstruction for the legitimate aims of Indigenous people in Canada and Bianchi explains why:

Bianchi’s description of the official apology from Canada to First Nations people in this country begins this segment describing Kairos and the Truth and reconciliation process and the UN’s reporting (and HERE) on Canada’s failure to provide justice to First Nations people:

Bianchi provides a personal reflection and describes his history with Kairos:

Rayven Howard (Photo: Moses Frimpong) Click image for her YouTube page

“Song with No Name” and Quiet Riot:

Rayven Howard came into the studio and played for us. She also discussed the local music scene and what it’s like as a young musician paying the bills and engaging in creative work:


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Click image for more on Canada's Top Ten Short Films coming to the Capitol Theatre

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