Feb. 10: Heather Gingerich on ending fluoridation of drinking water

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Technical Assistance: Moses Frimpong

On February 6, I sat with Heather Gingerich, Medical Geologist and Fluoride Toxicity Expert, and Director of  Canadian Chapter of the International Medical Geology Association to discuss the hazards of adding fluoride to our water supply.

Gingerich: What is a medical geologist?:

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She was in Windsor that day to alert people to the dangers of fluoride toxicity as a guest of   Fluoride Free Windsor, and to help appeal to Amherstburg town council to end fluoridation of drinking water.

Heather Gingerich

Gingerich on Fluoride:

Over the past few years talk of fluoride in our water as a measure to prevent tooth decay has become a hot topic. We have taken for granted that adding fluoride to our water made sense, was safe, and has allowed us to experience better dental health than generations before us. However, evidence has continued to mount that citizens have been consistently misled about what exactly is being added to our water and the true effects of this practice.

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