Nov. 11: David Heap and Freedom Waves and an Israeli prison; Justin from Occupy Detroit and why he occupies

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David Heap@ 2:49

Justin @ 37:35

Friday marked another Remembrance Day and I shared it with hundreds of others while at the Occupy Windsor camp near the cenotaph. The media has been interested in our presence there and a week or so ago there were rumours the mayor wanted us out of the park. In the course of a couple of general assemblies the camp decided to maintain a quiet and respectful presence during the ceremony and in the course of interviews, veterans and event organizers commented that we, in their opinion, had a right to be in the park and that the freedom to assemble and of speech was what they had fought for. And so the rumours were unfounded, the ceremony went off without a hitch and the only noise was that of an artillery piece that fired at intervals. Several people came to us to offer donations of food and to see what else we might need. The longer we are occupying the more time we have to talk to people and explain what we are all about and for me that is to create a space for dialogue and experimentation on how to work and learn together as a community. For those looking for answers a colleague put it best: the Occupy is the answer. Otherwise the short answer is we are looking to create  ways to eliminate injustice, war, and economic tyranny, by living in community.

 Meanwhile, other Canadians  bravely stood against the military machine of Israel by attempting to again run the blockade of Gaza after a failed attempt last summer when the Greek government caved to Israeli pressure and refused the boats permission to leave port.

Members of The Tahrir. David Heap is 3rd from left in rear. (Photo on Facebook)

Taking the world by surprise, news of the second flotilla, Freedom Waves consisting of the Canadian boat Tahrir and the Irish boat Saoirse (sear shuh), came out only after they were at sea. David Heap and Ehab Lotayef  were on the Tahrir  when the Israeli military boarded it. They were detained and put in an Israeli prison. Early reports said they could be held for two months, but on Thursday Heap and Loytayef were back home. David Heap has been a guest on this program and is based in London where he is a professor at Western.

In the second half hour we talked to Justin at Occupy Detroit and he explained how he came to be involved and why Occupy is a crucial moment at a crucial time in history. 

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2 thoughts on “Nov. 11: David Heap and Freedom Waves and an Israeli prison; Justin from Occupy Detroit and why he occupies

  1. Truthy Alert: Criticism of Israel’s apartheid crimes is ^NOT Anti-Semitism.

    Why is HarperCon *SO* fanatical about supporting Isreal bombing innocent Palestinian civilians? What’s the secret agenda at work here?

    ‎Surprise! It’s money: Canada does ONE BILLION DOLLARS of trade with Israel annually. Most of it military. It’s always about the money eh?

    At the 5:30 mark.

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