October 28: Terrance Travis and Sit 4 Peace and Occupy Windsor; Joe McGuire and Occupy Detroit

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Terrance Travis @ 8:21

Joe McGuire @ 40:41

Terrance Travis

When we sit for peace we are sitting for self empowerment, freedom, coexistence and justice for all. When we sit for peace we are sitting for self liberation, compassion and mindfulness.”

It’s Day 14 of occupy Windsor and the camp at City Hall park is growing with about 20 tents and anywhere from 10 to 25 people at the daily general assemblies held at noon and 7PM. Spirits are high and even thought the weather is turning colder, I can say from experience there that we are determined to stick it out and continue to create a new community within a community. Why? Because, even though we have different backgrounds, there is agreement that we want to see a changed agenda, where the needs of real people are the basis of an economy rather than the further entrenchment of corporate rights with more free trade deals. Towering over the park is the gleaming Caesar’s Casino, and it stands in stark contrast to the old Grace Hospital site that looks like a bombed out building. It’s supposed to be the site of much needed long term care beds. How is it that casinos, aquatic centres, and arenas can pop up with ease but public services vital to the well-being of citizens seem to be a big mystery? It’s becoming clear that the agenda setters have their priorities and the people – the 99% – have another. It’s this chasm in equality that has prompted thousands of people to vacate our comfortable homes to camp out in city parks engaging with anyone who wants to about issues of equality, peace, co-operativeness, and political and economic democracy. The best way to find out more is to come down and bring a friend or two and see what you can take part in.  

Terrance Travis is a member of Occupy Windsor and he came in to the studio to talk about his planned Sit 4 Peace tour and how it has been woven into the Occupy movement. Terrance will travel through Occupy sites in various cities in  Ontario, Quebec and finally the east coast and Africville in Nova Scotia.

Click image for more about Africville


In the second half hour we spoke to Joe McGuire with Occupy Detroit as he participated in a march protesting cuts to public services in that city.  

Featured CD: The Rusty Halos

From left: Erin Gignac, Allison Brown, Anna Atkinson. Click on image for more about The Rusty Halos!

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