Occupy! Joe McGuire and Destiny in Detroit; Mohammed Almoayad and Chris Crossroads in studio

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Chris Crossroads: Stand Up and Be Counted! @ 34:53

Occupy Windsor Day 4 October 18 (Photo: Paul Chislett)

What can I say so far about Occupy Windsor? It has brought together about 100 people – a rough estimate and a number that ebbs and flows – who are working to build a community within the larger one that can stand as an example of how to run our affairs cooperatively rather than as a free for all that leaves too many out in the cold. So we stand in the cold with them. General assemblies are held twice a day at Occupy Windsor, and when contentious issues have arisen we have found a way to resolve them at least temporarily. You may say, sure, but that goes on all the time anywhere and I’d say look again. For how much say will we have as the Harper government signs off on another free trade deal, this time with the European Union that is sure to negatively affect the lives of millions of workers. What deals will the politicians cook up in Toronto that we have no say in now that the elections have come and gone? What about city council and the theft of neighbourhood assets that continues with the possible early closure of the main branch of the public library? No – we have no say in the dominant society, but we do in the park and we’ll continue to work to show why more people should be involved.

Chris Crossroads belts out the anthem: Credit Moses Frimpong
Mohammed Almoayad, Credit: Moses Frimpong

The global power elites have conducted a quiet coup while we labored to keep our heads above water in an economic system designed to enrich the few at the expense of the many. It’s time to get together and make change together and stand in solidarity with those already far worse off than we are right now. As I understand it, we are standing in solidarity with the world.

March from Bank of America. Credit: Natasha Louis

We had a great conversation with Mohammed in the studio, and Joe McGuire and Destiny in Detroit. Thanks to Chris Crossroads for the great anthem, and to Moses Frimpong for the in-studio photos.

Co-host Moses Frimpong: Credit: Paul Chislett

Media coverage of Occupy Windsor and the national scene:

Windsor Star: Vander Doelen

Windsor Star:  Jarvis

Rabble.ca: Dobbin

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