October 7 – Occupying 99.1 FM: Mike Shane in Detroit and Occupy Detroit; Tam Epsin and Windsor plans for Occupy Windsor

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Mike Shane and Occupy Detroit @ 3:11

Tam Espin with co-host Kaitlyn Quigley @ 39:31

How about that election on Oct 6th? What election you say? Well the provincial election with a voter turnout of 47.6% that elected a minority liberal government. The liberals won in the two Windsor ridings while the NDP took Essex. Provincially the vote looked like this: 37.6% for the Liberals, 35.4 for the conservatives and 21.7 for the NDP. So once again we’re left wondering if the low turnout is apathy or a form of protest. We must ask the question: have elections lost their legitimacy because not enough people are voting? Perhaps the only order of business for any parliament is a national consensus building exercise to reform our electoral system because a good argument can be made that no politician in this country has a real mandate to do anything!

A couple of weeks ago I came across a report criticizing Elections Ontario for not having a “none of the above” option on ballots and while I am not sure if that would be helpful, it would indicate that people were protesting rather than simply not voting. And protest is where it’s at. For clearly a large proportion of the population is indicating the political system holds nothing for them. But people are showing up by the thousands in cities all around the world to protest what I call the current global order and the dreadful effects it has on local communities. In New York it’s Occupy Wall St., in Greece and Spain strikes to protest cuts to essential public services and the targets are big banks and corporations which have basically created the global order working people are saddled with. This system of free trade and “financialization” has devastated our ability to create local jobs, hang on to public services and the like because an inherently flawed capitalist global order is collapsing under its own weight – right on top of us. In Canada the general consensus is that we ain’t seen anything yet – the worst is yet to come. The Harper government is committed to the existing global order and its reliance on war and the suppression of collective rights to maintain order. All over the world working people, students, retirees, and so on are coming together to find out how to continue mobilizing in order to create change. In Toronto, Detroit, and perhaps Windsor, efforts are underway to join in solidarity with Occupy actions to grow this global dialogue among the world’s disenfranchised – not powerless – who are simply left out of a scheme that siphons wealth from the collective for the benefit of that 1% of humanity that thinks it is better than everyone else. Mike Shane spoke with us about the challenges in activating an Occupy Detroit movement.

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In the second half hour Kaitlyn spoke to local activist Tam Espin about plans for an Occupy Windsor movement and the call out for interested people to meet at The Milk Coffee Bar, 68 University Ave. at 6PM. In our discussion we mention the New York General Assembly’s Declaration and here are links:

N.Y. General Assembly


The following are links to webpages and Facebook pages to help you keep track and get involved:


Occupy Together

Occupy Toronto

Occupy Wall Street Unions 

Occupy Facebook pages:




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