Sept 16: David MacDonald and DEBT!; Brad Cundiff and how Ontario’s political parties stack up on the environment

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In the first half hour: David MacDonald: @ 1:22

What are debt and deficits and why does the media continuously echo leaders who say reining in debt is why we need to endure social spending cuts. When a subject like the need to rein in debt is heard over and over again it begins to take on the veneer of an unassailable truth – I think that’s called propaganda. The thing is debt and deficits are real things and matter to real people, and not just bankers. At this level of saturation it’s probably a good time to get back to the basics and ask basic questions such as what are government debt and deficits.  This is especially important now, because when Parliament resumes on Monday the 19th, we’re going to be hearing about the need to cut social programs to pay down the debt – and hearing this on a scale not seen since the 1990s. We’ll hear about cutting taxes at the same time as reducing the debt, and this will mean cutting spending.

Yet taxes are the means we use to provide public services we need, like income protection, public transit, and the list goes on. Taxing is how we redistribute wealth and it’s no accident that an attack on unions is proceeding in tandem with calls for tax cuts. Unions also work to redistribute wealth for the good of overall society.  I spoke to David MacDonald, research associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – a research organization perhaps best known for its alternative federal and provincial budgets that governments don’t listen to – but they should, about debt – public and private.

In the second half hour: Brad Cundiff: @ 20:49

Ontario is in election mode and we wondered where the parties stand on environmental issues. In Windsor, the area is placing high hopes on green energy jobs and the Hudak conservatives have said they will undo the current government’s efforts.

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Nothing is perfect but it seems what the McGuinty liberals started should be built upon, not destroyed. Brad Cundiff spoke with me about where the four main parties diverge after they answered a questionnaire put out by the Green Prosperity Initiative.  Be sure to also check out Windsor’s Citizens Environment Alliance, a member organization of the Green Prosperity Initiative.

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