Sept. 9: Prof Jim Winter and the digital journalism program at UWindsor; Abayomi Azikiwe and the 9/11 Wars

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Listen to entire program here: 

Prof. Jim Winter: 3:01

Abayomi Azikiwe: 36:13

In the first half hour I spoke with Professor Jim Winter in the studio about the plans for a digital journalism program at UWindsor and what that might mean for the Communication, Media and Film program. The discussion ranged from the move to a downtown location for parts of the CMF program, to how the university seems to be silencing critical voices in the faculty. Critical journalism is crucial today, perhaps more than ever, as we move into the post-democratic age in which managed messages – propaganda – pass as fact and questions are suppressed. 

Lambton Tower: current home of the CMF program at UWindsor

In the second half hour we heard Detroit activist Abayomi Azikiwe in the 911 aftermath.

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The deaths and destruction 10 years ago unleashed a devastating US response, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.  That response has had a huge cost in terms of lives and wealth – lives of people lost who had no connection to the alleged 911 attackers.  We went on to discuss the mobilization of  the peace/anti-war  movement aiming to confront the NATO/G8 meeting in Chicago next May.

We seem to have a stark choice: permanent war and economic “austerity” at home, or mobilize for peace and an economy that includes all.

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