Sept. 2: Julia Putnam and The Boggs Educational Center; Melina Laboucan-Massimo and Tar Sands protests

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Julia Putnam: 7:19

Melina Laboucan-Massimo: 37:30

Next week begins a new school year including classes here on campus. All of us are products of many societal influences, and next to home and parents, school is where we are socialized to carry on whatever traditions society has determined make a model citizen. Academics refer to this as reproducing the social order. Without realizing it we learn from a young age how to work according to the clock, obey authority and how to earn a living. It’s not until we make our way to university that we start to confront critical thinking and examine the society that has produced us. Even then, that will occur in the humanities – a university sector under funding pressure and questions to its relevancy. Increasingly universities are being structured to turn out professionals who are trained to be able to make their way up a career ladder; and to do that, it is necessary to simply accept the status quo. The old saying, ‘go along to get along’ is an accurate credo. None of my comments are meant to impinge on the integrity of teachers, most of whom strive to care for their students as they work under often difficult conditions. As well, schools on this side of the border are not yet facing the harsh realities of Detroit.

Julia Pointer Putnam, an educator in Detroit,  talked to us about her experience in 1992 at the Detroit Summer School and how that influenced her today as she and others work to bring into being a new school in Detroit: the Boggs Educational Center.

Detroit Emergency Manager: Click HERE

Information on Michigan Charter Schools


For years the Alberta Tar Sands have been in the news and for those who check in to alternative news sites such as The Dominion, it is clear the Tar Sands should rank as an environmental crime against humanity. Tar Sands exploitation means more water depletion in Alberta, the extensive use of natural gas to create steam needed to get the bitumen to the surface, the shipping of the corrosive sludge to refineries and the end use of it as a fossil fuel contributes to further global climate change. Many believe the Tar Sands must be stopped. Yet production is planned to be ramped up with the building of a cross continent pipeline – the Keystone XL project to build a second pipeline – to ship the bitumen to the Texas coast for refining. Protests have been occurring in Washington DC with hundreds of arrests planned to help make the world take notice of the pipeline project and the further damage to the environment that will occur. And the unfolding disaster it’s not just global warming. The route of the pipeline cuts straight through one of the largest aquifers in the United States, so any leak would destroy the drinking water of millions.

Several organizations are organizing a protest at Parliament Hill demanding that the XL Keystone pipeline be cancelled. On Monday, Sept. 26, Canadians are being asked to make a stand against the pipeline project in Ottawa at Parliament Hill. I was able to speak to activist Melina Laboucan-Massimo in Washington DC about the protest there and the planned Canadian action on Sept. 26.

On Sept. 24, Windsor on Watch is calling on people in Windsor/Detroit to make a stand against the latest assault on our environment and join in for the Moving Planet Toxic Tour 1PM at the Caron Ave pump station on the Windsor riverfront, and a gathering afterwards at the Phog Lounge.

Recent James Laxer Tar Sands related article

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OPIRG Windsor Calendar of Events


Saturday, Sept. 3 at 1pm @ OPIRG Exchange Coffee House and Reading Room (372 California Between Eco House & Campus Community Garden)

The Palestinian Solidarity Group meeting is open to everyone. Anyone who cares about Palestinian issues and wants to take action to support them should come.

For further information visit


Every Saturday 11 am. to noon Ottawa Street across from Market Square

Canadians Say, Get out of Afghanistan Now!

Occupation is not Liberation

Invest in our Communities, not in War

For more information email: Windsor Peace Coalition <>


Monday, September 5 • 9:30am – 4:00pm CAW 200/444 Hall, 1855 Turner Road to Fogular Furlan Club, North Service Road East Windsor for more information visit:


Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 3pm @ OPIRG Exchange Coffee House and Reading Room (372 California Between Eco House & Campus Community Garden)

Join us for a peer led recovery group – RAINBOW RECOVERY!

Every Wednesday @ 7pm

This group is for anyone affected by alcoholism or addiction of any kind.

We will be meeting every Wednesday from 7pm – 8:30pm at the Windsor Pride Centre (422 Pelissier). You don’t need to be there every week to come along!

We welcome the LGBT community and our allies ♥ (Alanon, Narnanon, NA, AA, Gamblers Anon – all welcome, and more!)

For details email us at

Saturday September 10th, from 10am – 3pm.

PECHE ISLAND DAY EVENT hosted by Peche Island (A. Laframboise) The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup

The day will include transportation to and from the island in the Detroit River, along with guided tours focusing on the island’s unique natural and historical features. The island’s marked trails are perfect for self-guided touring. Enjoyable and educational, this is a great event for the whole family!

Limited parking is available for this event, so people are encouraged to bike or bus to the marina. Litterless picnic lunches are welcome on the island, but no garbage is to be left behind. Boat transportation to the island begins at 10am, the last boat bringing people to the island will depart the mainland at 1pm. Boat boarding at Lakeview Park Marina, 9200 Riverside Drive East, Windsor. Light snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

Life jackets will be provided. However, please bring your own infant life jackets. Please note, this event may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Peche Island Day is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend! For more information contact the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup at: 519-982-3722 or email:

September 10th 2:00pm

Windsor Workers Action Center – 328 Pelissier

FIBRE CRAFTING part of the Ecology and Freedom Workshop Series

Lindsay will teach us how to sheer, wash, prepare, spin and and knit our own wool.This workshop is essential for anyone interested in learning how to produce their own fabrique or clothes.

Organized by grassroots environmentalists, activists and volunteers.


September 17th 10am

WECSA Community Farm, 13th Concession Near McGregor

GREEN BUILDING WITH LOAD-BEARING STRAW BALE part of the Ecology and Freedom Workshop Series

Come out to WECSA to help build a small storage shed/greenhouse with a commitment to using natural (or reclaimed) materials and self-reliant building techniques. We are inviting the community to share in this project and come helpout. A shuttle will be available from Windsor.

Please email to reserve your seat.

Organized by grassroots environmentalists, activists and volunteers.



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