Aug 12: Tzazna Miranda Leal and upcoming caravan for freedom; Pablo Godoy: Students Against Migrant Exploitation

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Tzazna Miranda Leal: 9:23

Pablo Godoy: 41:26

Many will remember last year’s pilgrimage to freedom when 150 local community activists and foreign workers walked from Leamington to the Underground Railroad memorial in downtown Windsor.

Pilgrimage for Freedom 2010 (Photo: Paul Chislett)

Justicia 4 Migrant Workers was the lead organizer of the pilgrimage and this year a new action is planned in several cities in the form of a caravan that will trace the route of the underground railway across southwestern Ontario. We spoke to Tzazna Miranda Leal of Justicia for Migrant Workers about the caravan planned for Sept/Oct. in the first half hour. Tzazna also movingly explained how she became a part of the struggle for justice.

For information on the upcoming caravan:


Tzazna Miranda Leal

647 618 5325

Chris Ramsaroop

647 834 4932

On a related note, Pablo Gadoy, national representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union told us about Students Against Migrant Exploitation (SAME), an organization that “…educates and empowers students and youth alike on issues that affect migrant workers.” As a young labour activist, Godoy also gave insight into the need to merge union activism and social activism. Also, click link for more on the Agricultural Workers Alliance.

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Tariq Ali on London riots:

Were there a serious political opposition party in this country it would be arguing for dismantling the shaky scaffolding of the neo-liberal system before it crumbles and hurts even more people. Throughout Europe, the distinguishing features that once separated centre-left from centre-right, conservatives from social democrats, have disappeared. The sameness of official politics dispossesses the less privileged segments of the electorate, the majority.

The young unemployed or semi-employed blacks in Tottenham and Hackney, Enfield and Brixton know full well that the system is stacked against them.

Read entire opinion here 


       Saturday September 10th, from 10am – 3pm.

PECHEISLAND DAY EVENT hosted by Peche Island (A. Laframboise) The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup

The day will include transportation to and from the island in theDetroitRiver, along with guided tours focusing on the island’s unique natural and historical features. The island’s marked trails are perfect for self-guided touring. Enjoyable and educational, this is a great event for the whole family!

Limited parking is available for this event, so people are encouraged to bike or bus to the marina. Litterless picnic lunches are welcome on the island, but no garbage is to be left behind. Boat transportation to the island begins at10am, the last boat bringing people to the island will depart the mainland at1pm.Boat boarding at Lakeview Park Marina,9200 Riverside Drive East,Windsor. Light snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

Life jackets will be provided. However, please bring your own infant life jackets. Please note, this event may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Peche Island Day is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend! For more information contact the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup at: 519-982-3722 or email:

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