June 24: Guest artist Anna Atkinson; Tamara Kowalska and Windsor Youth Centre; Jae Muzzin and G20 aftermath

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Anna Atkinson: at the 4:15 mark.

We had special musical guest Anna Atkinson, a Windsor native now living in Toronto, who is on her “mooniture” CD release tour.

Anna performing in the studio (Photo: Paul Chislett)

Anna Atkinson is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer, currently living in Toronto. For her Windsor stop she played at MacKenzie Hall at 8PM.

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Also, Anna is an on-stage musician in the current production of The Grapes of Wrath at Stratford’s Avon Theatre.

Anna performed two songs in the studio including the title track to her CD, “mooniture”.

Tamara Kowalska and the Windsor Youth Centre

16:43:  Tamara Kowalska and partner George Bozanich will open The Windsor Youth Centre on Wyandotte between Hall and Moy. We spoke to Tamara about the efforts to get the centre up and running by September and how people can get involved:

From the brochure

We all know that homelessness and hunger are growing problems here in Windsor and Essex County. Some of our youth face these problems daily and that is the reason for the windsor youth centre.

 The WYC aims to be a place where the immediate needs of homeless and at-risk youth are met. A hot meal, clothing, info, laundry and showers, computers and a safe place to hang out from 5-10pm every night is what the WYC is about. We realize that this is only a first step toward addressing the needs of youth in our community.

Though the WYC is an initiative of the United Church in Windsor and Essex County, we know we need the support of the larger community to address the long term needs of youth.

We take possession of the space in August and we’ll open in September. If you’re interested in cleaning, painting, fundraising, cooking, driving, working with kids or just finding out more about the WYC, see you at one of the meetings.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested please pass this message along and if you’d rather not here from us in the future, there’s a link for that at the top of the page.

Mission Statement: The Centre will serve the basic and immediate needs of homeless and at-risk youth in a safe and friendly atmosphere while engendering a feeling of community which is the basis for positive change and growth.

Philosophy: The Centre will operate under the guidelines of sincerity and service in order to generate feelings of trust, responsibility, and community membership between the staff, volunteers and youth.

Jae Muzzin and the G20 one year later

34:44: About one year ago to the day (June 26-27) the G20 group of global rulers was in Toronto. Many social justice, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian groups along with many unions organized a peaceful rally and march to demand a new global order. During that march, minor property damage occurred and as we know the damage included a police car.

Click on image for Monthly Review article

The next day during more protests, the police went on a rampage arresting over 900 people, holding them in a detention centre specially built for the occasion and basically denying hundreds of people the right to just be in a public place. Many believe the property damage the day before was allowed to occur and used as a pretext to lay into legitimate protestors and anybody with the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What has been fought for since is a public inquiry by the federal government which is yet to be called. With us on the phone is Windsorite Jae Muzzin who took part in the protests and ShakeUp co-host Ameen Hassan was also there last year. Local activist Dan Nardone also gave his thoughts. Media reports can be viewed HERE on efforts to hold people accountable for human rights violations by police, and HERE on how police infiltrated groups in the planning stages of peaceful protests.

Other CD featured:

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