April 29: Susan Gold Smith and MayWorks 2011; Ameen Hassan: the election and social networking; Abayomi Azikiwe: view from Detroit

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Listen to entire program here:

My opening remarks for the program were as follows:

The election campaign is in the final stretch and polls suggest a so-called orange tide as the NDP is, as they say, surging in the polls. This could mean a Harper majority as the liberals and NDP split the vote or that the NDP will be so close to power as to have a defining role. The spectre of not only Bob Rae but of Obama’s call for change throws a shadow over any idea of real change in this country even with an NDP majority or head of a minority government. The austerity agenda will come to Canada as surely as elsewhere and the NDP will not challenge it anymore than Obama did in the US.

We let the election be on this program with the exception of an interview with Cara Zwibel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on open governance and freedom of information – concepts not embraced by Stephen Harper. His government fell because it refused to provide parliament with proper information on spending – it fell because it is a criminal enterprise, whether it is handing over Afghans to certain torture, denying climate change, and allowing the Tar Sands project to function are all matters that are harming people directly. Party platforms are superfluous in the face of Harper’s flagrant disregard for the people, yet the election campaign got underway, and as always, has had little regard for substance. After Monday, we will continue to struggle over the real issue facing the working class: a global economic system in collapse and the trend toward authoritarianism to keep populations disempowered and cowed. The struggle to confront and transform this dismal state of affairs will be continue to be the focus of this program after May 2, and even a Jack Layton majority will not change the challenges before the working class.

Today, in the first half hour, Professor Susan Gold Smith, professor in the Visual Arts program at UWindsor will take us through the itinerary of Mayworks 2011 which got underway yesterday, actually, with the Workers’ day of Mourning, and continues this weekend with a Mayday parade and rally. And Ameen will take us through his thoughts on the election campaign and social media.

Susan Gold Smith and Mayworks 2011

Later in the program we’ll hear from Abayomi Azikiwe in Detroit and catch up on what has been happening across the river.

Music featured on the program:

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Opening night of the Abilene Paradox:

Susan Gold Smith and opening night. Click on image for more info.
Abilene Paradox opening night at Artcite

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