April 8: Samuel Mulafulafu: Caritas Zambia


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April 12: MiningWatch Canada has published a report on tax evasion by mining companies in Zambia. According to Global Financial Integrity, “multinational corporations’ tax evasion, when averaged per year over the last ten years, amounts to a global net loss of $400 to $440 billion for developing countries.” Read more here.


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Photo: The World fact Book

On the program, we welcomed special guest Samuel Mulafulafu, Executive Director of Caritas Zambia, a “…faith based organization … committed to the promotion of human dignity and sustainable development, … especially for [those] less privileged through witnessing, animation, conscientisation and institutional strengthening.”

Photo: Ameen Hassan

Mr. Mulafulafu has been touring southwestern Ontario meeting with members of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace and Canadians in general. Mr Mulafulafu took us through the history of Zambia which illustrated how the country has suffered from the current global economic order and compared this reality with the post-colonial  years where the state provided education and healthcare for all. Today, Caritas Zambia seeks to stop corruption, rebuild civil society, and create a process that enables Zambians to control the country’s resources and the political and economic processes.

Music on the program:

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