April 1: Kate Murray to the Congo, and Michelle Soulliere on Rust belt to Artist belt III conference

Listen to the entire program here:

On today’s program we talked to Katelyn Murray about her upcoming travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania to do solidarity work. She described her work with Kujali Congo, a charitable organization founded by Jonathon Busiku Kasereka in Windsor, and what work she will do there. Murray stressed she is not engaging in “voluntourism” but will work to build links between citizens stretching from our locale to central Africa.

Kate Murray Photo: Ameen Hassan

In the second half hour Michelle Soulliere returned to our studio to tell us about the Rust Belt to Artist Belt III conference coming up next week in Detroit. Both activists are UWindsor students. This conference builds on the work of two others previously held in Cleveland. In our discussion we talked about the term “rust belt peers” for cities such as Detroit and whether Windsor is seen as such in the  US.


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Michelle Soulliere


Music featured this week:



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The Lost Patrol


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