March 25: Jae Muzzin: Guerilla Gardening, Abayomi Azikiwe: Michigan emergency law

Listen to the entire program here:

Our guest today was Jae Muzzin of the Guerilla Gardening Collective in Windsor. Later in the program we talked to Abayomi Azikiwe in Detroit about the implications of the Emergency Manager Law passed in Michigan.

Spring is officially here and planting season is almost on us. Backyard or community gardening is becoming a political act (perhaps it always was) and the turmoil in the world due to capitalist violence and chaos will surely mean rising fuel prices, and, just as surely, an end to what James Kunstler called the “3000 mile Caesar Salad” – where we truck food in from thousands of miles away.

Click on image for gardening techniques

What about guerilla gardening then? We’ll have a discussion on the politics of local food production, how it can empower us and how we can learn to cooperate with each other in a society dominated by a consumerism, capitalism and private property.

Windsor Guerilla Gardening Collective’s Sustainable Food Once A Day Challenge

Jae mentioned the term seven layer food forest. Click on the image below to find out more:

Music featured on the program: The Locusts Have no King

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3 thoughts on “March 25: Jae Muzzin: Guerilla Gardening, Abayomi Azikiwe: Michigan emergency law

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