February 11: Dr Colin Smith and Black History in Windsor

Listen to the entire program here:

Music Featured: Sister Carol: Black Cinderella: Jah is Mine; Down In The Ghetto

“I am on my way to Canada
That cold and distant land
The dire effect of slavery
I can no longer stand –
Farewell, old master
Don’t come after me
I am on my way to Canada
Where coloured men are free

Dr Colin Smith, Pastor of Sandwich First Baptist church on Peter St in Sandwich joined us in the studio. The current church dates from 1851 and to hear descriptions of its history as a way station on the Underground Railroad one can feel a presence in the quiet sanctuary of the church.

Dr. Smith and co-host Nusrat Rahman

Pastor Smith showed us the openings in the floor where those escaping slavery in the US hid from American bounty hunters. He showed us where, under the church, up to 300 people could wait to continue their difficult journey to freedom.

Pastor Smith was adamant that all ethnic groups  are part of a mosaic and that we all suffer if one is singled out for oppression. He described slavery as an atrocity that must never happen again and we were well aware that as we spoke the people of Egypt had forced a dictator out.

In the second half hour we talked to writer and artist Sherill Tucker and her reminisces of the church and the Sandwich community.


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