Jan 28: Fighting Dystopia and Stop the Metering!

Listen to the entire program here:

Perhaps you have been following the mass protests in Egypt and I have to say it is breathtaking to see people in the streets demanding justice and change in their government (if a dictatorship could be called a government) after decades of powerlessness.

In our area yesterday (Jan 27)  there was also a large rally – 200 people I am told – members of CUPE Local 4580 who are GA’s and TA’s and their supporters. They were protesting the conditions of employment for GAs and TAs and took their message directly to President Wildeman in his office.

Their efforts are coming while CUPE locals head into bargaining for a new contract. Also, this weekend (Jan 29) there was a rally in Hamilton to support members of the USW Local 1005 who are locked out of the workplace in a labour dispute, in part over pensions. Two buses left from Windsor to attend the Hamilton rally. And  last year at this time we were out protesting PM Harper’s abuse of power when he prorogued Parliament over his fears of the fallout from allegations of Canadian complicity in the handing over of Afghan detainees to certain torture by Afghan security forces.

So, with all that is happening in mind, we talked with Lindsay Sheppard of OPIRG, live here in the studio about the Fighting Dystopia Conference, and in the second half of the show we’ll talk to Lindsay Pinto, of openmedia.ca, about Internet Metering.

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