Dec 3: Yves Engler and Canadian foreign policy

Listen to program here:


Yves Engler, described as “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left today” gave a talk before about 50 people at the Leon Z. McPherson Alumni Reception Centre on Wednesday evening. He outlined how Canada’s second largest deployment of the military after Afghanistan is in the West Bank.


Also, he pointed to the hypocrisy of the Harper government for criticizing Iran’s nuclear program while remaining silent on Israel’s known stockpile of nuclear weapons. In his talk, Engler pointed to a book review in the Ottawa Citizen in which the author, Capt. Ray Wiss, praises Canadians as being “… the best at killing people…”, and that Canadian soldiers “…have managed to kill between 10 and 20 Taliban every day…” over a one week period.

From the carnage of Afghanistan, the struggles of Latin Americans, and to the horror of Haiti Engler outlines Canada’s foreign policy as an enabler of injustice and war in the service of  American imperialism. Is this the Canada we want?

Photos: Paul Chislett

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