Nov. 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Today’s program highlights Nov 25. as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. We welcomed   Jennifer Cline and her work at the Well-Come Centre for Human Potential, and Shaista Akbar, coordinator of the Womyn’s Centre at the University of Windsor.

In an November 16 article by Gary Dimmock, in the Ottawa Citizen, he reported that  a “judge … condemned a handful of Ottawa police officers for subjecting a female prisoner to “an indignity” in a strip search of the young woman who had her shirt and bra cut off, only to be left half-naked in soiled pants in a jail cell for three hours before being given a jumpsuit.” He went on to report that the “… incident began when Bonds was stopped by police downtown Ottawa. After running her name and coming up with nothing, they told the young, black makeup artist to keep walking on home. But after a few steps, she turned back and asked why Ottawa Police bothered to stop her in the first place.”

Lately, a TV commercial raised my wife’s ire because a male is shown with a chocolate treat that when struck against a table causes a women naked in a bath tub to come crashing down into his living room. In shock she covers herself while the voice over says nice things happen when you buy this chocolate. My wife’s question was nice for whom!? The women is completely vulnerable and at the mercy of this smiling stranger. There is a disturbing linkage between the pleasure of eating the chocolate and a naked woman literally dropping into his apartment.


Wednesday, November 24 at 8 pm there is a Charity Bingo Night. Everyone who attends who registers as coming from the Third World Resource Centre will earn $10 for us. So if 10 people register, we will get $100, $200 for 20 people, and so on. The more people who say they are coming from Third World Resource Centre, the more money we will receive. Each person will receive a complimentary soft drink or coffee – and maybe they will win some $$$ The bingo is at Breakaway Gaming Centre at the corner of Wyandotte St. W. and Crawford Ave.

The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre will be having a spaghetti fundraiser dinner on November 30th at All Saints’ Church. Please join us for a night of guest speakers and good food. Tickets will be available at WWAC (or from any of the WWAC members) and the Labour Studies Department, University of Windsor. Event details below:

Event details:

Theme: Worker Centers: Agricultural, Migrant, and Undocumented Workers – The Way Forward.

Stan Raper:  National Coordinator of the Agriculture Workers Alliance (AWA).
Chris Ramsaroop: Justicia For Migrant Workers
Elena Herrada: Centro Obrero de Detroit
Location: All Saints’ Anglican Church, 330 City Hall Square West, Windsor, ON, N9A 1J3
Time: Tuesday November 30th, 6pm (dinner served at 6:30).
Prices: $25 and $15 for students (donations always appreciated).
Food: Pasta Dinner served by: Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk: Recent winners of Dinner Party Wars on Food Network Canada On. For  tickets and you can phone me at 519 995 8351

Windsor Peace Coalition at Ottawa across from the market 11 to 12 every Saturday to oppose the war and occupation in Afghanistan and the increasing militarism in Canadian civil society and foreign policy.

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