More on CJAM pledge drive

More on our Friday program, 4 to 5PM. Pledge drive kicks off on Friday Oct 29, and CJAM has great incentives for listeners who make a pledge. As well, on The ShakeUp we have some giveaways: a copy of a signed book, “Sleeping with Satan” by local author Mary Ann Mulhern (, Mary An…n will be in the studio to read from her latest book, CD’s by Travis Reitsma, and a gift certificate from Ten Thousand Villages. Please call to make a pledge – CJAM will be working to boost the power of the station for greater broadcast coverage.

CJAM Pledge Drive: Oct 29 to Nov 5

You can donate anytime on the CJAM website; however, for listeners to The ShakeUp we’ ll have local author Mary Ann Mulhern in the studio to read excerpts from her latest book and you’ll have a chance to grab an autographed copy! More info to come later in the week. Call in at 519-971-3630

Gear up everyone! Our Annual Pledge Drive has arrived!

This year’s theme is: Watt’s Up? The Rally for Reach!

Some background info:

In 2009, CJAM changed its frequency to 99.1 FM

This altered the broadcasting range of our listening audience.
While we’ve gained new supporters, we’ve also lost the ability to broadcast in areas that are home to long time listeners.

A power increase from our present 500 watts to 1,000 watts, will allow us to reconnect with these listeners while expanding the reach of our broadcast areas.

Our fund-raising target for 2010 is $25,000.

This will help us begin the application process to the C.R.T.C. and Industry Canada while helping  to pay for the necessary technical expertise and equipment required for this power increase.


CJAM 99.1FM is the only not-for-profit campus-based community radio station in Windsor.
Through a dedicated body of volunteers, CJAM strives to provide live-to-air programming 24/7.

We bring a unique homegrown sound carrying hyper-local content that is essential for community mobilization.  We provide a venue for local musicians, artists and cultural programmers to be heard.

In short, CJAM engages community members, supports local initiatives, and gives voice to those in our community who are under-represented and/or marginalized by mainstream media.

It’s all about YOU-our listeners:

Our listeners connect with us on  a personal level!

Every day we receive a variety of calls from our listeners praising their favourite show, asking questions, and addressing reception concerns.

Due to our frequency change, one listener who no longer gets clear reception in his home, now gets in his truck every Sunday morning to hear his favourite show.

These stories of  listener dedication are endless!

At CJAM the listener experience is our main priority. We are constantly improving the quality of programming on the air, and this includes the quality of  broadcast reception  in your homes, offices, and yes even your trucks!

During this year’s Pledge Drive we want to hear from you!

From October 29th to November 5th,  listeners can call their favourite CJAM show, make a pledge, and tell their favourite CJAM story.

Why not make a pledge today and share your favourite CJAM tale with the rest of our listening audience?

While programmers may not get every story live and on air, we’ll do our best to accommodate every donor.

Donate today! We’d love to hear from you!

Thank-you for supporting CJAM99.1 FM!

The ShakeUp: Take back the night and doing city politics

ShakeUp co-hosts: Ambreen Walji, Ameen Hassan and Paul Chislett, and CJAM Producer, Nusrat Rahman. We’ll have news, views and musical/spoken word artists to help make this a relevant hour you won’t want to miss!

In the first half hour we discussed  the upcoming Take Back the Night march in Windsor, Oct. 29, 2010. Nusrat Rahman talked with Alyssa Schenck about Take Back the Night, what it means, why it’s important and what you can do.

In the second half hour we talked with Don de Guerre, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University, to get some ideas on how to re-imagine citizen engagement in municipal politics and the need for a new paradigm of democratic participation.

Listen to the program here:



First Half Hour


The city of Windsor is called into action in a march to end violence against women in the annual Take Back the Night march. The Women’s Studies Student Association of the University of Windsor invites women from Windsor and the surrounding area to take part in a rally and march to end violence against women.

This event will take place on October 29th, 2010.

Take Back the Night marches can be traced globally, having originated in the United States in 1975. The significance of these marches is the women-only presence, making the marches symbolic of women’s voices and physical presence in the street at night. It allows for their voices to be heard publicly, to raise awareness on sexual violence, and to support survivors in their healing process.

The Women’s Studies Student Association has worked in collaboration with the Well-Come Centre for Human Potential to bring in keynote speaker Shelley Gilbert of Legal Assistance of Windsor. Following her speech will be a candlelit memorial ceremony and a moment of silence to honour all victims.

The event will start and end at Dieppe Park. The rally will begin at 8pm, with the march to follow at 8:30pm. Men are asked to show their support by participating in the rally but not to march. People of all ages, races, religions, backgrounds and genders are welcome to attend this free event and join us as we work toward a violence-free world.

For more information about this event, please contact:
Alyssa Schenk

And Jennifer at the Well Come Centre for Human Potential:

Second Half Hour


Municipal elections occur Monday Oct. 25. All across Ontario citizens have heard all about taxes, services, job creation, and so on. But what can mayors and city councilors really deliver? In a globalized world large corporations, enabled by provincial and federal government, have tremendous sway over the lives of people who are rooted in specific localities. What political and economic power do citizens really have? Is voting every four years participatory or merely a trapping of democracy?

Economic and political power work hand in hand and citizens have neither, while in Windsor/Detroit corporate manufacturing jobs ebb and wane according to head office demands leaving local workers scrambling. To understand about what can be done differently we have on the line from Montreal Dr. Don de Guerre is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University where he teaches Human Systems Intervention at the graduate and undergraduate level. His major area of interest is the development of participative governance and organization and the further development of open systems theory.


Be sure to attend an information forum on the potential Canada-European Free Trade Agreement that will have a significant negative impact on Canadian industry. The Forum will be lead by the NDP International Trade Critic Peter Julian, MP (Burnaby-New West Minster) who has extensive expertise and experience on international trade issues and the underlying complexity that impacts specific industries. This public forum will focus on both European Union Korean Free Trade Agreements.

Thursday October 28th, 2010 at the Teutonia Club, 55 Edinborough Street from 6:00pm-8:00pm Sincerely, Brian Masse M.P. Windsor West

October 28, 2:00 PM,
Moot Court, Ron Ianni Faculty of Law

Nathalie DesRosiers
Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
General Counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association
She will speak about violations of rights that occurred at the
Toronto 2010 G20 summit and the action taken by CCLA in
response to these violations.

The Centre for Career Education in partnership with the Faculty of Graduate Studies would like to announce the 5th Annual Continuing Education Fair 2010.

E-fair will be hosting over 36 educational institutions that will showcase their Graduate and Post-Graduate programs to University of Windsor students. The goal of the education fair is to provide University of Windsor students with the opportunity to interact with representatives from programs across North America and Internationally. Students will learn about programs and application requirements, application deadlines, and new initiatives.

The 5th Annual Continuing Education Fair will take place:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

CAW Student Centre – Commons Area

Pilgrimage to Freedom

On Sunday, October 10 about 150 people, migrant workers and their allies, walked from Leamington to Windsor to support migrant workers at Thanksgiving.

Listen to the program here:

View a video by clicking on this link:

Photo Gallery



Sunrise start


Short stay at Conservative MP Jeff Watson's office


Along the route


Into Windsor


Wrap Up at Monument to Freedom


Photos: Paul Chislett

October 7, 2010: Ontario Power Generation and steam generator shipment

Ontario Power Generation is poised to ship de-commissioned steam generators through the Great Lakes system to Sweden. The generators will be melted down and the scrap metal will be sold on the open market. The more radiaactive metal will be shipped back for storage.


On today’s program I talked to Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. This was a follow up interview to one conducted in August. On September 28th two days of hearings were scheduled before the five member Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Gordon Edwards discusses the hearings in which he also presented. Mr Edwards also mentioned that the organization Great Lakes&St. Lawrence Initiative was an intervener at the hearings.

Listen to the program here: