April 28, 2010: Clayton Thomas-Muller

Click here to listen to the interview with Clayton Thomas-Muller of the Indigenous Environmental Network: 68-The_Shake_Up-20100428-1200-t1272452400

Clayton Thomas-Muller Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign – “Clayton Thomas-Muller, of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation also known as Pukatawagan in Northern Manitoba, Canada, is an activist for Indigenous rights and environmental justice. He has been on the front lines of stopping industrial society’s assault on Indigenous Peoples lands to extract resources and to dump toxic wastes. Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Clayton is involved in many initiatives to support the building of an inclusive movement for Energy and Climate Justice. Recognized by Utne Magazine as one of the top 30 under 30 activists in the United States and as a “Climate Hero” 2009 by Yes Magazine, Clayton is the tar sands campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network. He works across Canada, Alaska and the lower 48 states with grassroots indigenous communities to defend against the sprawling infrastructure that includes pipelines, refineries and extraction associated with the tar sands, the largest and most destructive industrial development in the history of mankind.”


“Established in 1990 within the United States, IEN was formed by grassroots Indigenous peoples and individuals to address environmental and economic justice issues (EJ). IEN’s activities include building the capacity of Indigenous communities and tribal governments to develop mechanisms to protect our sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, health of both our people and all living things, and to build economically sustainable communities.IEN accomplishes this by maintaining an informational clearinghouse, organizing campaigns, direct actions and public awareness, building the capacity of community and tribes to address EJ issues, development of initiatives to impact policy, and building alliances among Indigenous communities, tribes, inter-tribal and Indigenous organizations, people-of-color/ethnic organizations, faith-based and women groups, youth, labor, environmental organizations and others. IEN convenes local, regional and national meetings on environmental and economic justice issues, and provides support, resources and referral to Indigenous communities and youth throughout primarily North America – and in recent years – globally.”


Brazen Posturing

Marathon Oil to Expand Refinery in Detroit for Tar Sands




Annual Rug Event – May 7 to May 16, 2010

Springtime Sale of Fair Trade Oriental Rugs

Cherish the exceptional appeal of fairly traded oriental rugs with sumptuous natural fibres; singularly timeless designs; hand-knotted by gifted artisans. The high quality of fairly traded oriental rugs is born out of the principle of allowing artisans the freedom to design and craft their rugs allowing them to create their own patterns, choose their colors and determine the number of knots per square inch for each rug. The designs and quality are not often found in stores in the Windsor area, so you are invited to take advantage of this special limited time event at Ten Thousand Villages.

Rugs 101 – Friday, May 7, 2010 – 7:00 pm

Our Rug Seminar – Introduction to Oriental Rugs

Spend an evening learning more about this fascinating process, from dyeing the wool to tying the fringes, and hear how Fair Trade works to produce high quality products while still offering competitive prices for North American consumers. Seminar leader, Lori Sager from Ten Thousand Villages Canada. Lori has visited Pakistan and met with our artisan partners who make these rugs.
An event not to miss! Take time to learn more about how Oriental rugs are made, how fair trade impacts quality, different designs and styles, frequently asked questions and more. Enjoy!

World Fair Trade Day May 8, 2010


World Fair Trade Day is your day. Join millions of people celebrating and become the change you seek by voicing your support for Fair Trade. Help to spread the message around the world, and participate in the Ten Thousand Villages Windsor BIG Bang World Fair Trade Day event on May 8th, 2010, 12 noon until 2:00 pm.

Mothers’ Day, Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Ten Thousand Villages Windsor store has some great fair trade gifts for Mom, there is lots of choice in all price ranges. You can get some ideas by clicking here >> Mother’s Day | Ten Thousand Villages Canada . Better still why not drop into the store now, while the selection is still good? Our knowledgeable and friendly volunteers and staff can help you find something special.

Ten Thousand Villages Canada – 2010 visit to Peru & Columbia

Ten Thousand Villages’ Learning Tours are semi-annual trips undertaken by selected Ten Thousand Villages personnel to gain a better understanding of the social, economic, political and environmental context in which our artisans work.

It is the goal of the Learning Tours to provide both insight and motivation to our staff for the work we perform on our artisans behalf.

This year’s learning tour started last week, on Friday, April 23, 2010 and is taking twelve Ten Thousand Villages employees from across Canada to South America … to Peru and Colombia. The purpose of the blog is to capture some of the stories, sights and sounds we are experiencing during our travels and share them with you.

Follow this interesting journey here>>Learning Tour 2010: Peru and Colombia


MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2010 (from www.artcite.ca)

For May 2010, Windsor Ontario’s labour and arts communities will join
with other cities across Canada to present our first labour-focused cultural
MayWorks festival in Windsor.

Artists, workers, and students have met over many months to organize
a collection of exhibitions, projects, events, a rally and a parade, to celebrate
our creativity as a community, our dedication to the values of workers’ solidarity,
social justice and human rights.

Our various activities will highlight our support for our city core,
our old Sandwich Towne community and our history of solidarity,
concern for social justice and our trasition of labour arts.

MayWorks Windsor 2010
A Festival of International Workers’ Solidarity,
Social Justice and Community Cultural Projects

(all events listed are free)

28 April -Day of Mourning; honours workers injured or killed on the job,
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 834 Raymo (and Wyandotte), 5:30 PM

29 April – Stitch & Bitch; Last Chance to make ATCs for MayWorks’ Artist
Trading Card Big Trade, Windsor Workers’ Action Centre, 328 Pelissier,
6:30–9 PM.

1 May – Building Bridges; Group Exhibition, Common Ground Gallery 12-4 PM
reception Bar-B-Q, Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich St.

1 May – May Day Rally and March; down University,starts at 4:30 PM, City Hall Square;
speakers’ box and musician Travis Reitsma

1 May – SmogFest; opens at Milk Coffee Bar, 68 University Ave. W. Silent bidding
on art throughout the month of May. Submit artwork to Citizens Environment Alliance
1950 Ottawa St. before April 27th (ceaadmin@cogeco.net.)

1 May – Windsor Workers Action Centre Open House; open before and after the
MAY DAY Rally, 2– 7 PM for coffee, tea and sign making, 328 Pelissier.

1 May – 3rd Annual May Day Celebration; dinner and entertainment, 8 PM
CAW 444 Union Hall, 1855 Turner Rd. (contact: bmcnamara4@cogeco.ca)

1 May – Windsor Fights Back; Exhibition opening reception,
Bringas, Fall-Conroy, Howe, Moores, Seoane, Smith.
7-10 PM , Artcite Inc., 109 University West.
Exhibition runs throughout May (www.artcite.ca)

2 May – MayWorks Artist Trading Cards’ Big Trade; 2-4 PM
reception and local trading, Ten Thousand Villages, 624 Chilver off
Wyandotte. (sgold@uwindsor.ca)

2 May – Cuban Labour/Arts Solidarity event;
“From Crisis to Alternatives; The Example of Cuba.”
12 noon – 2 PM, Art Gallery of Windsor. 3rd floor Rodzik Gallery.
The Consul General of Cuba at Toronto, Jorge Soberon will discuss Cuba’s experience.

6 May – Château des photos: a community pARTnership; 7-9 PM reception,
Château Park Nursing Home, 2990 Riverside Dr. W. Unit B, Lindsay
Hanaka, Linda Renaud Fisher, Sandi Wheaton. Music by No One Special.
(Note: exhibit only open to public for the reception)

7 May – Unity in the Community BBQ; Music from Kero and Flow,
Art from D3N1@L and others, 12–5 PM, Print House, 510 Pelissier Street Gallery

7 May – Working on Foreign Land; exhibition, stories about work
from the perspective of students who are recent immigrants to Canada
and are enrolled at Catholic Central High School, 7-10 PM closing reception,
Artspeak Gallery, 1942 Wyandotte East; exhibition runs one week prior to
closing reception
8 May – Radical Slam; open mike poetry, 7 PM
Windsor Workers’ Action Centre, 328 Pelissier.

8 May – Not To Train in Vain; students of the University of Windsor
School of Visual Arts envision positive retraining options for Windsor’s
workers in a public art project, 7-10 PM reception, 400 block of Pelissier.

8 May – Resonation II; Installation by Dong-Kyoon Nam and Paul Breschuk,
400 block Pelissier, reception 7-10PM.

8 May -Remorse; Text work by Amin Rehman on view on 400 block Pelissier,
reception 7–10PM.

9 May – UFCW Agricultural Workers Alliance Band; playing in Leamington,
Details TBA

12 May – The New Normal exhibition; Wednesdays are free at the Art Gallery of
Windsor, exhibition runs throughout May.

14 May – MayWorks Film Night and discussion; WWAC, 328 Pelissier, 7PM.

17 May – International ANTI Homophobia Day; “Homophobia and Me”
postcard project on Artcite Inc.’s windows, Music at Phog,
Poetry Slam at Milk Coffee Bar.

20 May – Broken City Lab:How to Save a City; http://www.brokencitylab.org/savethecity.
22 May – Artists’ Parade; starts at 9 AM through Olde Sandwich Towne.

22 May – Live Graffiti Painting and Music; 12–5 PM, Print House, 510 Pelissier
(behind the Gallery in the Alley)
22 May – Art Show, Sandwich Towne Art Festival; 11 AM–6 PM.

23 May – Art Show, Sandwich Towne Art Festival; 11 AM–6 PM.

26 May – Art Gallery of Windsor and the 16th Media City Experimental Film and
Video Festival present Friedl vom Göller (Kubelka);
Wednesdays are
free at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

May 26 – 29 Media City 16th Experimental Film and Video Festival;
Pay what you can. Performances at 7:30 and 9:30 each night, Capitol Theatre.

27 May – Materials Trade. ReUse. ReCyle; MayWorks Stitch&Bitch and Artist
Trading Cards, Windsor Workers Action Centre, 6:30-9PM, 328 Pelissier.

29 May – SmogFest LAST GASP; closing reception at Milk Coffee Bar, 7:30 PM, 68
University West, silent bidding on Smog Fest art work all during May.

Individual artists:
Sasha Opeiko, “Education Patchwork”, hand made book
marks made from unwanted paper collected from students
and academic institutions, will be given away at several
MayWorks venues, Artcite Inc., Common Ground, Windsor
Workers’ Action Centre, Ten Thousand Villages and Art Speak.
Amin Rehman, “Remorse”, Pelissier store front window
text works on view through May on 328 and 400 block
Dong-Kyoon Nam and Paul Breshuk , “Resonation II”, on
400 block Pelissier, reception 8 May 7-10PM

MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2010 Facebook Group page:
You can keep up with last minute Mayworks news,
see pictures and discuss activities HERE
or search in Facebook for “MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2010

MayWorks is brought to you by the following
participants & supporters:

CAW Local 444
CUPE Local 543
CAW Local 444 Retirees Committee
University of Windsor Labour Studies Programme
WWAC (Windsor Workers Action Centre)
Artcite Inc
Art Gallery of Windsor
Common Ground Gallery
Arts Council Windsor & Region/ Artspeak Gallery
WUFA (University of Windsor Faculty Association)
Windsor Peace Coalition
Canadian Cuban Friendship Association – Windsor
Print House
Olde Sandwich Towne Business and Improvement Association
CARFAC Ontario
Windsor Artists for Social Justice
Citizens Environment Alliance
Windsor Pride
16th Media City Experimental Film and Video Festival
Milk Coffee Bar
Phog Lounge
Ten Thousand Villages
Château Park Nursing Home
UFCW Agricultural Workers Alliance
Broken City Lab / Save a City
Save a City Project
Legacy Benefits Project


From FedUp


2. CEA and Smogfest at MayWorks 2010
The CEA is proud to announce our ninth annual Smogfest Art Exhibition will take place during the month of May at Milk Coffee Bar. This year Smogfest will be part of MayWorks 2010 (more on that at a later date). Currently we are putting out a call for submissions for Smogfest. If you or someone you know is interested in art, please get in touch with the CEA by checking heir website for specifics and contact info: http://www.citizensenvironmentalliance.org/.

CLUCK begins working to bring urban chickens to Windsor
Steve Green, whom many of you know from WECSA, has spearheaded a movement to bring chickens to Windsor. As Steve says, “It’s time to step up the pressure on the City of Windsor and put our voice where it needs to be heard! On the web, in the city council chambers, on the street and in the yard!”.  Join him by participaing in the Windsor-Essex chapter of CLUCK, the Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub – more info is available through CLUCK’s facebook group, or by contacting Steve at wecsa@ymail.com.

4. Get Growin’ Classes and Workshops
“Passionate gardener, horticultural educator and yoga instructor” Mary-Jo Rusu will be facilitating a series of spring and summer courses and workshops at the Bloomin Gardener, located at 6673 8th Concession RR 1, Oldcastle.  Cash or credit card payment is accepted – you can contact Mary-Jo at 519-737-6548.  Topics, dates, times, registration deadlines, and costs are available from Mary-Jo, but the first course (on spring herbs) begins April 26.

5. ChangeCamp
Members of FedUp are invited to Windsor-Essex ChangeCamp on Saturday, May 8th, at the Windsor Public Library.

ChangeCamp started in Toronto in 2009 as a grass roots unconference led by citizens to create change. Since then, ChangeCamps have been held across Canada. The Windsor-Essex ChangeCamp is a free, day-long event in which we attempt to answer the question, How can we re-imagine Windsor-Essex as a stronger and more vibrant community? More information and registration for WEChangeCamp can be found at http://www.wechangecamp.ca/

While the day’s conversations and connections will ultimately be decided by the people who are in the room on May 8th, we are hoping that this event will bring people from all around Essex County.We already have people registered who have interests in strengthening Windsor-Essex’s food and agricultural heritage including Adriano Ciotoli from WindsorEats.com and Victoria Rose from http://mylocalfoodblog.com and we are hoping for more.

6. Campus Community Garden Project update

The CCGP at the University of Windsor is moving full-steam ahead, and has been featured in spots in the local media.  For those who are interested in taking part, Rita Haase (haaser@uwindsor.ca) is the person to contact, and she has asked to pass on the following info about upcoming events, projects, and needs:

  • CCGP’s next general meeting is on Thursday, April 29 @ 4:30 pm on campus (Chrysler Hall South, room 263)
  • Anyone who is interested in gardening an individual 5 x 12 ft plot (or share one) besides working on the communal plot, should contact Rita asap
  • CCGP needs more help with preparing the soil, constructing composters, and other tasks, and needs somebody with a truck to get top soil from Essex county as well – volunteers please contact Rita
  • The first planting/sowing event will be on Saturday, May 8, starting at 10 am.

7. Canadian Social Forum

Just a heads-up that the Canadian Social Forum will be held in Windsor June 18-21. The tagline for the event is “ANother World Is Possible / Another Windsor Starts Here,” and it will include input, events, and workshops from several grassroots community organizations from Windsor and beyond.  Please check the website at http://socialforum.ca/wordpress/ for more info and registration information. And on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109185655766760

Brought to you by FedUp Windsor:

Sanctions-busting Telethon

in solidarity with Abousfian Abdelrazik and against oppressive “national security” logic.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

From anywhere, between 7pm and 9pm EDT:

Call toll free 1 877 737 4070

Tune in to live-broadcast on Rabble TV, www.rabble.ca

In Montreal:

Free dinner from 6pm; Telethon begins at 7pm

Georges Vanier Cultural Centre, 2450 Workman St. (metro Lionel Groulx)

Wheelchair accessible. Free childcare on site.

ALSO, tune in to Amandla on CKUT 90.3 FM for live reports.

Project Fly Home is organizing the first ever “Sanctions-busting Telethon” on April 28th to call people to donate to Abousfian Abdelrazik in open defiance of the United Nations 1267 regime, challenging the fear, racism and isolation it creates and feeds on. The evening will include a free spaghetti dinner and a host of poets, musicians and performers, including Hasan Abdulhai, Kader B, Al and Jess Blair, Ehab LotayefNorman Nawrocki and Jou Jou Turenne !

Two years ago, on April 28th, 2008, Abousfian Abdelrazik went public with his story of detention, torture and exile and claimed refuge in the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum. He lived in the Embassy for fourteen months, unable to leave the grounds, until the Canadian government was forced to bring him back to Montreal in June 2009. Now he is home, but still not free. Background on Abelrazik’s story.

In 2006, without his knowledge, Abdelrazik’s name was placed on the United Nations “1267 list”. The 1267 regime imposes financial sanctions that prevent Abdelrazik from earning a salary, receiving any money, or maintaining a bank account. This makes rebuilding his life impossible. It’s like “living in a prison without walls” – indefinitely, without charge or trial. There is little recourse. As the Federal Court of Canada wrote, “There is nothing in the listing or de-listing procedure [of the 1267 regime] that recognizes the principles of natural justice or that provides for basic procedural fairness.” (Justice Russel Zinn, 4 June 2009). Background on the 1267 regime.

Despite its official position that Mr. Abdelrazik should be removed from the 1267 list, the Canadian government has made no serious attempt to have him delisted. Nor has it made any move to lift sanctions from Mr. Abdelrazik in Canada, although it is within its power to do so immediately.

Under federal law, anyone who contributes money to Mr. Abdelrazik risks prosecution. Canadian regulations state that no Canadian shall “provide or collect by any means, directly or indirectly, funds with the intention that the funds be used” by someone on the 1267 list.

We did it before! In early 2009, a group stretching from Vancouver to Halifax, including people from all walks of life, banded together to buy Abdelrazik a plane ticket home for April 3rd, despite federal government insistence that financially supporting Mr. Abdelrazik could violate the law (see complete list). This powerful act of solidarity reflected a groundswell of support for Mr. Abdelrazik as well as growing outrage at the government’s abusive treatment of him.

We are calling on you to do it again! Restate your solidarity or join the long list of people who have defied the 1267 regime by contributing money to Mr. Abdelrazik as an act of solidarity.

On April 28th, between 7pm and 9pm, come out to the Telethon in Montreal or call 1 877 737 4070 to make a donation to Abousfian Abdelrazik. Tune in to watch the telethon live-broadcast on www.rabble.ca or listen to Amandla on CKUT 90.3 FM for live reports.

Your donations will help challenge the oppressive “national security” logic which endangers all of us.

Build the pressure! Break the sanctions!

Sponsored by:

CKUT 90.3 FM

Project Fly Home


This telethon is part of a six-month campaign launched by Project Fly Home leading up to the first anniversary of Abdelrazik’s return to Canada. The six-month campaign demands that Canada: immediately free Abdelrazik from the 1267 sanctions; put pressure on members of the 1267 committee to delist Abdelrazik; and pull out of the 1267 regime. For more information, to download postcards and flyers, or to get involved:

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