CJAM is Movin’ On Up!!!!!

CJAM is Moving to 99.1 FM! We are currently off-air! CJAM-FM, Windsor / Detroit’s only campus / community radio station is currently off-air. We are in the process of switching our transmitter and antenna from our old frequency of 91.5 FM to our new home at 99.1 FM. On our webstream you can hear our final 4 hour broadcast at 91.5 FM which occured from 8 pm – 12 pm on October 5, 2009 live from Phog Lounge in Windsor.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to coming back on-air at 99.1 FM on Wednesday, October 7 at 12:00 PM. At midnight on Monday, October 5th CJAM will cease broadcasting at 91.5FM and begin the installation of a new antenna. Later that week CJAM will begin a new era of community radio at 99.1FM. The only thing changing is the frequency! CJAM will continue to broadcast the unique blend of hyper-local alternative radio that you’ve come to expect from Windsor’s only community radio station. Mark your calendars and set your tuners for 99.1 FM!

Click here to download the whole press release!


NOTE:  The Shakeup will be pre-empted Wednesday, October 7, so we’ll be on the air the following Wednesday at the new frequency!

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